Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Year of YA FRENZY Fun!!

This year we went to Anderson's YA Fandom Frenzy with a different thought behind us attending.  It truly was about meeting the authors and getting to understand all about what they were writing, why they were writing what they were writing, and my daughter wanted autographs.  As an aspiring author, she was very excited to meet those that do what she desires to do.  And I really wanted to meet one author and to take pictures of some of them (I say this every year but this year I meant it!)

And so let us re-cap all we saw and met and desire to read this time around!

1. Adriana Mather is amazing!!!!  Her book "How To Hang A Witch" is a story about Salem (as in Salem Witch trial) and present day descendants of those involved in the trial.  It is amazing and wonderful and a book that I just could not put down.  And to top it all off, she is a descendant of Cotton Mather - yes the Cotton Mather from the Salem Trials.  She was funny and sweet and just awe inspiring for me.  This is her with me and my best friend - yep lucky girl right here!

2.  Adam Silvera is a ham!!  Oh my, he is too funny and is so sweet that it is impossible not to like him.  He always had a comment or anecdote to share and it always made you glad you got to be near him.  I for one cannot wait to read his book More Happy Than Not.  And to think he has more books coming out next year.  Hopefully, he will be here again next year and we can see what wackiness he has up his sleeve then.

3. My daughter was in heaven!  She is obsessed with all things Alice in Wonderland.  She loves the stories and the adaptations and the general idea of Alice and the Mad Hatter.  (Her momma loves the idea of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter!)  But alas I digress, she was excited when I had come home with the Looking Glass Wars a long while back and immediately read it.  When I told her that Frank Beddor was going to be there this year, she just had to tag along.  And I am glad that she did!!  Not only did she get to meet him, have him sign her book (both her old one and the new series he has), but she also took a picture with him.  At one point during the panels, she got a bit bored (she is only a tween so I get that) and started drawing pictures.  So of course she needed to draw one for him in her appreciation of giving her books to love and re-read.  He was so appreciative and spent so much time speaking to her, that he made this Momma very happy she brought her girl to meet him.  He even asked me to send him the picture so he had it too.  I mean, that is too sweet!!

4. Andersons - one fail in my opinion.  We sat at the table with Brendan Kiely.  He is not only funny and smart, but he was very personable and a total treat to sit with.  Again, another author to truly take the time to get to know my girlie and make her feel special.  I had a list in my head of the books that I knew I wanted to buy at the Anderson Bookshop there.  And his "The Last True Love Story" was on my short list.  (As you can imagine, my list is always rather long.)  So when I got there, I was incredibly disappointed to see that they were sold out.  And when we asked if they would had anymore or were going to get anymore, we were told no.  But we could gladly go to their store either today or tomorrow to get one.  Umm, so I can drive the 15 minutes out of my way to buy something from you, but you cannot be bothered to send someone over while we are still at your event (that I paid for) to replenish your supply??  Thanks, but that just makes me feel you are after my money and nothing else.  I can await coming home and asking my local bookstore here in my town to get it for me and I will pay them.  And when I went later to get another awesome looking book, again, sold out.  And another.  UGH.  Perhaps I will just make sure that next year I have any books I want signed ahead of time.

5. Another special and fun idea for my autographs!  I struggle all the time with what to do with all my books as I know most book lovers do.  And since I share so many of them, I find myself not always keeping books.  And if it is a signed copy, then I am reluctant to let others read it.  So this year, I came up with the idea to have the authors sign a bag I bought that can hold 3 books.  And when designing what one I would want to have them sign, it only made sense to have it be a library card.  And boy was this a wise move for us.  She got 19 signatures (yep she forgot a few while she was getting her books signed).  And now she has an awesome momento from a great time.  A total win win for me!

6.  Anderson's - excellent job with keeping it moving.  The presenters for the day (and I do apologize as I cannot remember either of their names) did an amazing job keeping the energy up and the mood light.  They kept things moving and that is hard with so many awesome writers.

So, overall, my take of the event?  An excellent day filled with books, authors, friends (new and old), and so many stories that one could really keep writing about it for a lot longer than this.  So if you are into the YA genre like I am, you should treat yourself to this event.  If nothing else, hopefully it will add more books to your TBR pile.

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