Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review: Under the Lights

Under the Lights Under the Lights by Abbi Glines
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another hit for Abbi Glines! I thoroughly enjoy her style of writing and have for a while. And with this new release, I have to say that I love that it has three points of view. I enjoyed the whole triangle aspect but felt that it was a bit too simple for the lead up to it. And as much as I do not want to, it kind of influence my opinion of this series.
Willa is sent away early on (before the book takes place) and comes back. As with any good story, it takes a while to find out what exactly she was sent away because and how it to be played out. She had feelings before she left for Brady, but never acted on them.
Brady was a part of the trio of best friends that were always together and had each other's backs no matter what. And he has always been put on a pedestal for Willa - just out of reach due to her family situation and now more so because of her time away.
Gunner is the rich boy whose own family has some deep issues and secrets going on. His family employs Willa's grandmother in their home - hence the connection. Gunner has never been the relationship guy but has always felt somewhat protective of Willa.
The chemistry is strong between Willa and Gunner but felt forced between Willa and Brady to me. And the parade of crazy women in Gunner and Brady's lives is slightly ridiculous to envision but as I understand it from my kiddos, not off track.
All in all another good story from Abbi Glines - even though at times it felt to be rushed like the first one.

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