Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review: The Problem with Forever

The Problem with Forever The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OH MY!! I am a huge Jennifer Armentrout fan - this we know!! But this one was one I actually struggled with at first. I felt it was very slow going and almost lost me (okay though, only in the second chapter). But these characters are amazingly complex and so very real. The things that have had to go through are so vivid and horrific that you truly feel like you need to protect them and keep them safe. This is a rough story line for anyone to handle honestly, but JA does an amazing job keeping things going at a rate that makes you neglect things that need addressing in your life like laundry and cooking.
Mallory had obstacles to overcome and a wonderfully rich group of people she surrounded herself with eventually. And Rider was everything you would want in a book boyfriend. I mean he will protect you to no cost to him. You mean that much to him. Swoon!

I gave this one 5 stars as the story and characters are unparalleled and amazing. Ones to truly stay with you for a long time.

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