Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Overwhelmed and Exhausted Today - How about you?

So, yeah this is not a blog about a book today!

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Yes, Thomas was big in my household for a while so this one hits home today.

I am venting today.  It is a bad day.  Feeling Overwhelmed.  Feeling Exhausted.  And Feeling Sad.

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But then I started thinking . . . this was a bad day.  A lot of sadness at work.  But we can hope for tomorrow, right? And so I went to a happy place in my brain.  I went to the place where my book boyfriends and book best friends live.  Ahh, yes, that playground where people are amazingly supportive always and always want to hug me.  They want to tell me how pretty I am and how much I am loved.

So it got me thinking - WHO ARE YOUR BOOK FRIENDS? 

Doesn't have to be this book boyfriend idea that is so very popular, but your book friends.  I mean let's be honest.  Part of the pure joy of reading is "meeting" new types of people that you may never actually be able to meet in real life.  And you may find something that you have in common with them.

So, who would mine be?  That is very easy.

Book Boyfriend:

Three options:

One is Jamie.  He is a very easy answer for me and most people who have read the Outlander series, will have very similar answers to this question.

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I mean he is strong, romantic, rough, tough, GORGEOUS, and an all around yummy idea.  I honestly am not sure about that whole time period as I like my modern medicine and well, hygiene, but well this is my fantasy right?

And the second option is Daemon from Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series.  Ok, he is an alien, I know but again may I remind you that this is fantasy.  He is super hot.  Strong, tough, romantic in his own way, hot (did I mention that?) and also, he can freaking glow in the dark.  Super hotness!! 

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And then the third option is again from Jennifer Armentrout.  This time it is Roth from her series Dark Elements.

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Yummy.  Another strong, hot, tough, rough, romantic man that is actually a demon but the heck cares when you are in my fantasy world.


I probably could go on but I will only list three right now.

One would be America from the Selection series.
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Yes as best friends I would borrow all her clothes regardless of if they fit or not.  I could care less as long as I could try.  She seemed like the kind of girl who would always be there for you and who could not use that I tell you!

Second would probably be Jo from Little Women.  Ok yes going into the way back for that one, but seriously she was before her time.  
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And yes, I had to go with the Winona Ryder one because my honey has a thing for her.  She would always support people but was also so honest that she knew even if it hurt the person it was for the best.  And she cared about others more than she let on.

And then thirdly, I would pick Elizabeth from the Into the Wilderness Series.  She was remarkable.  Honest, true, loving, caring, the kind of friend that would always be your friend no matter what!

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(And no there is no picture of her for this one because there never was one so I could use my imagination.)

So I want to hear about your book boyfriends and book best friends.  Maybe one day we can discuss about book enemies and book whatevers.  But lets have a conversation now and talk about that later.  SO MESSAGE ME. Tell me your thoughts!

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