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Review: The White Rose

The White Rose The White Rose by Amy Ewing
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this book from Edelweiss in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I felt that this book was pretty much a cliché. I was not impressed. I found out going into the book that it was #2 and therefore read #1 first. Which I really liked. But this one was just not up to my standards and I had a hard time completing it.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Review: The Astronaut Wives Club

The Astronaut Wives Club The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found this book to be on the 2-1/2 star level. I wish I could give it more. I was a tad disappointed and in reading the other reviews, I see that I am not alone in my interpretation of this book. The writing is sub-par to be polite. I felt that it was more on the early high school book report level. I wanted a true life report on the wives of some of the bravest men in my opinion in history. Yet, I felt it was written a bit too simple for my reading. Perhaps a person looking for a lighthearted read about these wives would enjoy it more. It gave me a different view of a couple of the astronauts and their wives, but overall I really did not learn as much as I had hoped. It had a bit too much of a gossipy feel to it for my enjoyment.

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Review: Jet

Jet Jet by Jay Crownover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have definitely become a Jay Crownover fan. Not only does she have amazing tattoos herself (yep I love mine and always appreciate those on others!). But she also writes like a champ. And her book boyfriends are such freaking hotties!!! I love tattooed men and those brooding tough guys make the best book dreams!
Ok, so this book. I loved how both the main characters had issues in their past as we all do. But the love that they have for each other is like many of our own stories. Full of ups and downs and heart ache and break and overflowing happiness. I appreciated the fact that they both made mistakes along the way instead of just one of the characters as many books do. This made the characters more believable and relatable.
I give this book a 4-1/2 star rating as I fell in love with the book and the characters with little hesitation!

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review: Caught in Us

Caught in Us Caught in Us by Layla Hagen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I didn't think I would love the story of Dani and Damon as much as I did. I had obviously read a little bit about her in the other stories, but honestly, I did not enjoy her character as I did the others. Therefore when I saw this book, I was hesitant in getting it. But boy am I glad I did. The fact that this one went back into the past so to speak, allowed for the back story of Dani to be front and center and I liked that. And thus I liked Dani. And then there is Damon! What is it about characters named Damon?! They make one go all weak in the knees. I swear they do!! And the chemistry between them is there and it is Ms. Hagen style HOT!!! Another great book by this author! Cannot wait for more!

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Capture by Rachel Van Dyken

Release Date: August 20, 2015


Losing your ability to speak at the age of seventeen; it’s not normal or fair.

But trauma, has a way of throwing normality out the window.

Dani lives anything but a normal life.

Her sister is married to one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Her best friends are rockstar duo AD2.

And she has more love around her than most people experience in a lifetime.

But that doesn't change the fact their parents are dead.

Or that it's her fault.

It seems her new normal is being a mute, living on the inside, unable to actually communicate on the outside.

That is until Hollywood’s newest heartthrob Lincoln Greene hires her as his assistant for the summer.

He's gorgeous, completely unavailable, and unobtainable.

But that doesn't stop her from wondering...if things were different...would he want her?

If she was whole, would he be the other half? 


Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text MAFIA to 66866!

You can connect with her on Facebook  or join her fan group Rachel's New Rockin Readers. Her website is .



“Finally!” Jaymeson pointed at both of us. “Lincoln, show her to her mark. Dani, for this scene you’re simply staring at him like you want to eat him. Think you can do that?”

I nodded.

Any woman could do that.

Most men too.

“Cue music!” Jaymeson called out. “Action.”

A techno mix of AD2’s latest song filled the air as the extras started dancing around us. I stayed glued to the wall while Lincoln delivered his lines to Pris, and then he lifted his head, meeting my gaze.

It’s just a movie. It’s just a movie.

The breath left my chest on one slow exhale as he moved toward me, his body making fluid purposeful movements through the crowd.

My lips parted; my entire body felt heavy as he approached.

He stopped in front of me, his forehead grazing mine as he leaned in a few inches. Our breath mingled as the music and scene faded around me.

“Cut!” Jaymeson yelled.

Holy crap on a cracker. I almost experienced my first stroke — at seventeen.

“You okay?” Lincoln’s eyebrows knit together in concern.

I licked the lipstick from my lips and nodded quickly.

Jaymeson approached. “Time for the kiss, remember kissing, not hockey. Clearly, you were confused earlier.”

Lincoln gritted his teeth and let out a little groan.

I patted his arm and grinned, my way of encouraging him. He seemed to pale more.

My stomach sank.

Maybe it was me.

I was the problem.

Not the kiss, but me. If he’d had trouble kissing my gorgeous sister, how was he going to be able to kiss me?

“Hey…” Lincoln cupped my cheek. “… focus on me, nothing else, alright? It’s only us.”

I nodded.

“You ever been to a party?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Ever made out with a guy at a party that wasn’t your boyfriend?”

I thought about it then slowly shook my head.

“So that’s what this scene is about. It’s about a guy seeing a girl from across the room and wanting her so badly that he’s willing to cheat on his own girlfriend for just one taste. Granted, he’s supposedly drunk and high, but that just takes the romance out of it, doesn’t it?”

He released my cheek and stepped back. “Imagine you’re trying to attract me, make your body as inviting as possible. Hell, just stand there and look at me, and you’ll sell it.”

Sell it. I repeated the words in my mind.

I could do that.

Because I wanted him to kiss me.

It made my heart beat faster.

My blood pump harder.

And for the first time since my parents’ death, I was actually excited about something. Nervous, but excited.

“Okay,” I mouthed.

I must have surprised him again because his eyes darkened, and then he grinned. “One day, Dani. One day I’m going to hear my name coming from that gorgeous mouth of yours, and I’m not going to be held responsible for my actions… damn the consequences.”

My breath hitched.

“Quiet on set! And action!”

There was no warning. Suddenly, Lincoln’s mouth was fused against mine, no teeth, just his soft lips pushing, prodding, moving slowly back and forth until his tongue slid through and made contact with mine.

Heart racing, I opened my mouth enough to deepen the kiss as heat washed over me.

He groaned and dug his fingers into my shoulders then slid his hands down my back and gripped my butt. I let out a squeak of surprise as I flicked his tongue with mine.

“Cut!” Jaymeson yelled.

I kept kissing.

So did Lincoln.

His chest brushed roughly against mine; my breasts ached at the sharp contact. I let out a little hiss at the exact time Linc let out a groan and nudged his knee between my legs.

“Cut!” Jaymeson yelled again.

Slowly, Lincoln pried himself away from me, chest heaving.

“Good enough,” said Jaymeson.

“No,” Lincoln argued without taking his wild grey eyes off me, “I went off script. We need to do it again.”

“The hell you do,” someone mumbled. I wasn’t surprised to see Demetri glaring daggers at Lincoln’s back. Alec was next to Jaymeson, giving him an earful. I noted the strong tick in his jaw.

“Fine.” Jaymeson waved them both off. “We’ll do it again.”

“Take two, and action!”

This time the kiss was slow, languid in its movements. Hot waves of pleasure coursed through my body as his tongue slid seductively pass my lips. His taste, the feel of his mouth was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Greedily, I moaned, desperate for more of him as I reached for his shirt then fisting it with my hands and tugging him tighter against my body, wanting more contact with him. I felt every plane of muscle as he slowly turned us so his back was semi facing the camera. His knee nudged my legs apart as pressure increased down the middle of my body. I hadn’t really looked long at the script, but I was pretty sure that this wasn’t part of it.

Not that I was complaining.

He rocked into me, my back connected with the wall. With a possessive growl, he nipped my lower lip then started kissing down my neck. Kissing in public had never been my thing — but maybe that was because I’d never kissed Lincoln.

I would kiss him anywhere.

All he needed to do was ask.

Body humming with pleasure, I let out a little gasp as his warm lips met the pulse on my neck. Then his tongue licked where his lips had just been.

His knee rose higher and higher as my body sank onto his; the first contact of his leg had my body screaming with pleasure — just a little higher, just a little more.

“Cut!” someone shouted, though it didn’t sound like Jaymeson.

Suddenly, Demetri was pulling Lincoln away from me and glaring daggers at both of us. “I think you guys got the scene.”

Embarrassed, I looked down, tucking my silky hair behind my ear. Did I really almost just dry hump Lincoln Greene’s leg? In front of about twenty people, including my sister?

“You sure?” Lincoln asked, voice hoarse. I glanced up at him, his chest was heaving with exertion, his lips swollen. “Because I could have sworn I messed up my lines.”

“There are no lines, you bastard,” Demetri muttered under his breath.

“Damn it!” Jaymeson shouted. “Hey, guys, I’m going to need you to shoot it one more time. Remember, Lincoln, you’re supposed to proposition her.”

Lincoln grinned smugly at Demetri.

Demetri didn’t move.

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Book Blurb:

There's no wrath like that of a witch scorned.


Avah Taylor has been given a death sentence: as one of the only spirit users in her coven, Avah has been chosen to wield The Power, the ultimate weapon against the immortal vampire species witches have been at war with for centuries. The Power, given by the gods to one witch of each generation, is considered a great honor, but every witch before has died trying to master this all-too-powerful gift, one that the shell of a mortal can’t contain for long.


On the night of her birth rite, Avah’s coven is attacked, and Avah is left for dead. Confronted with a terrible choice, Avah must decide to either die or save herself by becoming like her enemies. Forced to seek refuge among the very beings she has sworn to kill, Avah vows revenge on those who took her former life from her. 


As Avah slowly transitions into a life of blood and war and battles her own feelings for a man she is supposed to hate, she realizes everything she’s been told is a lie.


Purchase links:

 Blood Books Series

Blood Rose (Blood Books 1) – August 2015
Blood Bound (Blood Books 2) – December 2015
Blood Books 3 – June 2016
Blood Books 4 – December 2016
Blood Books 5 – June 2017
Blood Books 6 – December 2017
**Novels to possibly continue based on story arc.
Excerpt #1
I looked at my house, my eyes lingering on my bedroom window. My mother stood beside the curtain, watching me, before quickly stepping out of view. I wanted to call out to her, beg her to let me stay, but I knew leaving was my only option. They would never be safe around me until I was able to control what I was.
Focusing on the room, I closed my eyes and listened. At first, I heard nothing, but then the world consumed me.
“Stay safe, my love,” my mother whispered.
“Can you believe Braedon said that?” a girl said with a chuckle. Her voice was distant, hushed. She sounded young, weak.
“Did you want anything from the store?” a man asked. He was closer. His voice was coarse, deep. He was closer to me than the girl. I heard him clearly, as if he stood just behind me. But no one was there.
Clanking heels.
Hiss of a cat.
Squeal of tires.
Sizzling of a fryer.
I dug my fingers into my hair, collapsing to the ground. My mouth opened, but I couldn’t breathe.
“Focus on just me,” Jasik said as he pulled my head against his chest. “Shield yourself from the world. You can do it. Raise your shield, Avah.”
“I-I can’t. It’s s-so loud!” I said, pushing myself harder against him and squeezing my eyes shut. I was sure the witches had done something. I had outworn my welcome, and now, they were using their powers against me. This was it; this was the end. 
“Avah, you can do this. You’re strong. Pull your strength from within. Use it to shield yourself from the world.”
“I can’t!” I yelled, angry that he was barking out orders I couldn’t comprehend.
“Jeremiah! She needs you,” he yelled.
I opened my eyes as a hand firmly grasped the back of my head. Kneeling before me, the vampire with dark skin and glowing, gray irises pulled me into his arms. I met his gaze, and slowly, the world went silent.
“She’ll be fine,” Jeremiah said, dropping his arms. “I’ll slowly remove it to make the transition easier.” He walked away.
After the pain subsided, I stood. “What did he do to me?”
Jasik’s face hardened as he stared at me. “Let’s get somewhere safe, and then we’ll talk.”
“No. Tell me everything. No,” I said, taking several steps backward. 
After several minutes, he softened and said, “It’s not that simple, Avah.”
“Make it simple.” I wouldn’t budge. I’d sit outside my home until my coven came for us if that’s what it took.
“I’ve never encountered a vampire like you. And I’ve been around a long time,” he said as he turned and began walking toward the others. “I’ve heard the stories, but I always thought they were just that: stories.”
I walked beside him, meeting his gaze. “What do you mean? Why am I so different?” I said. I kicked a stone with my foot, watching it bounce against the concrete, stopping once it reached a patch of grass.
I felt the pavement’s vibrations rattle through my body as the stone glided against it. I knew it had to be my status as the chosen one. I had never heard of a witch becoming a vampire, though I always thought it had to have happened over the centuries. Elders must have assumed a witch would one day turn, because they passed down laws and penalties against it. Speaking of turning into an immortal came at a high price. The betrayal to one’s coven would cost a witch her life. I wondered if the vampire knew I was chosen to harness The Power of the gods, the power that was to annihilate the vampire race.
Glancing up from the ground, I watched as two teenagers approached us. The boy had his arm around the back of the girl’s neck, pulling her close to him. She smiled as he did this, probably enjoying the safety he provided—not realizing that there were monsters in this world that his arm was no match for.
I examined his physique as a scientist would in a laboratory. His arms and chest were tightly bound by his t-shirt. Thin white lines danced across his pale skin. Stretch marks. The closer we came, the more I saw. Goosebumps covered his skin; fine hairs stood on end. I remembered that the air was cool during the ritual, though I didn’t feel chilled now. I felt the breeze but not the cold.
They were just feet in front of us. His shirt seemed to become tighter and tighter the closer they came. I wondered if he took steroids. Time seemed to slow as they passed. The wind picked up, blowing their scent into my open and willing nostrils. I licked my lips, my tongue sticking to dry parts of skin.
Shutting my eyes, I swallowed hard as my throat began to close. Its dryness was painful, scratchy. When I opened my eyes again, my fangs were exposed, and I was just steps behind the humans. I didn’t know how I had gotten there, and I didn’t care. An arm’s length was all that separated them from death, from me. Just before I could leap from behind, I was yanked backward.
“No.” His voice was stern, controlling. I was shocked that he cared. Vampires were murderers. Why would he stop me?
Looking up, I met his eyes. I didn’t understand why he had stopped me, but I was thankful he had. Remembering who I was had become more and more difficult as the night went on. The vampire’s proximity felt oddly intimate, making my skin burn. My fangs retracted, and I pulled away from my captor, horrified at my newfound hunger.
I shook my head and wrapped my body in my arms. In that moment, I hadn’t cared if I took that teenager’s life. I had lost control. I had wanted to kill—I was ready to kill. But I didn’t feel like a killer. I just felt hungry. I dropped my arms and resorted to the only thing I knew how to do in this new world: I ran.





Author Bio:

Danielle Rose is writer of fiction and travel, as well as the owner of Narrative Ink Editing LLC. Danielle currently resides in the Midwest, where she spends her days at a local coffee shop planning her next vacation or plotting her next novel.


Danielle holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast program. In addition to her Master of Fine Arts, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and certification in professional writing from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. 


When not writing, traveling, or writing about traveling, Danielle enjoys being outdoors, cheering for her favorite football team (Go Packers!), and spending time with her husband and their furbabies: two dogs and a cat. For more information about Danielle Rose, visit her website:


Places to find Danielle Rose:

Giveaway Info:


·         1 Signed copy of Blood Rose (International shipping available)

·        5 eBook copies of Blood Rose



Direct Link:



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Review: Withering Hope

Withering Hope Withering Hope by Layla Hagen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wanted to like this one a bit more but I felt that it was a bit stretched at times. I wanted to know the characters more. Aimee and Tristan could have opened up a bit more about themselves but were so guarded and careful that it hurt their chemistry for me. I loved the setting and the way that this love story happened. I loved the HEA as I feared perhaps that they may never see it. But overall I wanted more from the characters and felt that they pulled away more than they really put themselves out there.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Found in Us

Found in Us Found in Us by Layla Hagen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I cannot put my finger on it but her writing is exactly what I need right now. Parker and Jess! A pair that seemed destined in the previous books but on the surface, kind of weird together. You knew there were deep hidden reasons that neither of them thought they should be together or happy. But of course that is what makes them who they are together. I love the characters and their connection (hence the rating). I suppose on the surface though this was predictable. Still, a definitive fave author from now on for me.

I received this book from the author in exchange for signing up on her webpage. Thanks so much!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Lost in Us

Lost in Us Lost in Us by Layla Hagen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this series and this book. I cannot wait to move on to the next one!!! Excellent writing and excellent characters. As I said in the novella, the characters were spot on and amazing together.

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