Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cross My Heart


The plot twist in this has me a bit miffed.  I honestly was loving this book.  It did all the things a super champ of a book does for me - made me choose to read instead of clean up after dinner, ignore my children's numerous requests to watch tv or play on the tablet, want to ignore anything else in life that would prevent me from finishing the book NOW.  And then the twist happened and I was internally screaming at the characters that I hated them.  (Because if I keep doing it out loud, my family might think I have a legit problem.)
I liked how it was a girl needs to break out of her shell story via the hot, bad boy, but seriously was frustrated with the twist.  A bit unrealistic in my book and weird.  Made me leave the story on a bit of a "Huh?" which is never a good thing.  Or maybe it is since it has been 4 hours since I finished and I am still thinking about it.

I gave this one a 4 star rating since I am still thinking about it and babbling to my handsome man (I am sure he is loving that!)

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