Friday, April 3, 2015

Review: Fall with Me

Fall with Me
Fall with Me by J. Lynn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was just what I needed!!! A good healthy dose of JA!!!! Oh my Reece and Roxy were amazing together and was the breath of fresh air I needed to re-start my 2015 reading frenzy.
Now to get to the nit and grit:
~ Loved the romance and tension between the characters. They were totally into each other but as happens, circumstances got in their way. But they never stopped being with each other truly. And they were totally hot in their scenes. As a girl who wears glasses and loves silly t-shirts, I loved Roxy and how hot Reece felt she was.
~I loved the "dirty" way that Reece would talk to her without coming off cheesy. Some may not like it but it gave me insight as to who he really was and how much she really meant to him.
~I definitely recommend that if you have not read the previous stories, you may be a bit behind the curve if you start with this one. But not so much you could not make it up.
~And the suspense!!! I kind of had it figured out but I second guessed my self along the way. And every time I think she cannot possibly find another avenue for these characters to have to pull together and become the friends they are, Jennifer surprises me and makes me remember why I always blindly buy her books.

So all in all, exactly what kind of read I needed to re-focus my reading to really good books. Thank you Jennifer for always producing a must read - brag to all my friends read!

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