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The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress by Erica Ridley

My Review:

I really liked this story as I have a connection with a character that likes to read.  I also have an appreciation for a main character that goes for what they want regardless of the perception of the desire they have.  She went after Xavier even though she knew he could rebuke her or her image could be tarnished because of it.  She also went after him not hoping for reciprical love.  That was pretty much never talked about in that time period.  It was a fairly quick read and well done to be sure.  The chemistry between the two of them was palpable and enjoyable to "witness".  I would definitely recommend it to all to read.
I gave this one a 4 star out of 5 star rating.

Excerpt from The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress

When bluestocking Jane Downing confesses she’s only ever been asked to dance twice—and one of those times was with her own brother—Captain Xavier Grey pulls her into his embrace for an impromptu waltz, right in the middle of his snowbound cottage...

The muscles beneath his coat tightened as he led her in smooth, graceful circles. Jane didn’t need music to feel like she was floating. The soft firelight made the room all the more romantic. She could almost believe herself the belle of a ball.
Except, fairy tales didn’t happen to her. Her fingers grew cold. Xavier was right. Love affairs—even stolen kisses—weren’t as carefree as she’d believed. Once the snow was gone, he would forget her just like everyone else did. And this time, it would break her heart.
“Jane. Look at me.” He slipped a knuckle beneath her chin and raised her gaze to his. “I notice you. I see you. I have you in my arms.”
Her lips parted and her eyes stung. Until he’d spoken the words, she hadn’t realized that she’d been waiting for them her entire life.
With nothing more than a soft murmur, he’d carved open her soul and left a part of himself inside. She would never be the same. Her heart clattered at an alarming rate, but she could not look away. Nor did she wish to.
His gorgeous blue eyes shone from beneath inky lashes. The intensity of his gaze was thrilling and frightening and filled her with wonder. He saw her. Plump, boring Jane. And yet he still wanted her in his arms.
When they completed their circuit about the room, he paused before the fireplace—but did not immediately release her.
She hoped he never would. The evening had been magical. He was magical. She would be happy to stay right here, wrapped in his arms, forever. But all she had was this moment.
He lowered his head to hers. His lips grazed her cheekbone, her earlobe, the pulse point just beneath the line of her jaw. Her heart fluttered. Was he finally giving in to their chemistry? Or was he acting out of pity?
She angled her head, seeking his mouth. She wanted to feel his lips against hers. To have him and taste him, and to know that this time, he wasn’t kissing her because she was bothersome. He’d be kissing her because he wanted her. Because he saw her. Because he liked her.
When his mouth caught hers, gooseflesh rippled along her skin, followed by an infusion of molten desire. She felt like she’d waited for this moment her entire life.
She slid her hands up his strong arms to his neck, where overlong black hair curled against the stark white of his cravat. He might not wish to be a hero, but he certainly looked the part. Even without his smart red regimentals, he was every inch the storybook prince. Tall and dashing, with black hair and startlingly blue eyes.
More than that, however, was who he was on the inside. He noticed her. He saw that she wished to be seen. He made her believe that forever was something she actually deserved. She melted against him. He wouldn’t kiss her unless he felt it, too. Unless he meant it, at least for this moment. No one else looked outside of themselves long enough to wonder what torture others might be going through. No one else reached deep into the furthest crevices of her heart and dared to ask, why not love? Why not her, too?
His lips were firm and teasing. The dance of his tongue against hers, exhilarating. Her heart swelled. When she’d set out on this journey, she’d assumed the lustful nature of men would make it impossible to decline the charms of a willing female. She’d been wrong.
Xavier was every bit as passionate as she might have hoped, but a thousand times more discriminating. He wasn’t holding her simply because she was there. He was holding her because he wished to. Because they both wished to. And oh, did she love his kisses.
Breathless, she arched into his touch—
And screamed as claws raked down her spine.
Xavier sprang backward, panting, his eyes wide with surprise. “Did I hurt you?”
“It’s not you,” she gritted out, wincing at the weight of the cat tangled in her hair and cleaving to her skin. Gingerly, she turned her back toward the firelight.
“God’s teeth. Is that…”
“Yes,” she managed through pain-clenched teeth. “Please remove him from me as quickly and carefully as possible.”
Xavier leapt forward.
Jane closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing. The moment the devil cat was disengaged from her spine, she intended to trap the little demon in his wicker cage for the rest of the night. Or the rest of his life.

A Little Time with Erica Ridley:

Q & A Time:

If you could be any romantic character, who would it be and why?

It may not strictly be a romance, but I loved the hero in Anne Rice's The Mummy: Ramses the Damned. Ramses was an Egyptian pharaoh cursed with immortality, entombed, and forgotten... until he awoke in the heroine's parlor in Edwardian London. So I guess my answer is that I want to be Julie, so I could spend some serious quality time with that fascinating hero.

How do you balance the demands of your everyday life and your writing life?

I try to wake up early and write for a few uninterrupted hours before “real” life intrudes. I find that if I wait until after my workday ends, my brain is mush, and no longer capable of coming up with compelling scenes. Also, by putting writing first, I can go through the rest of the day feeling like I’ve already accomplished something important!

What place that you haven’t visited would you like to go?

India is high on my list! I’ve been invited twice by friends who live there, but both times the round trip airfare was cost-prohibitive. I’ll make it there eventually!

What’s next for Erica Ridley?

Next in the series in The Major’s Faux Fiancée, which releases in June. Major Blackpool returns home to play pretend beau to the girl next door to save her from an unwanted betrothal. But once they’ve announced their faux engagement, neither one can cry off without doing damage to the other’s social status.

Daphne intends to remain a spinster, so she plots to make the major jilt her first—without realizing he’s busy plotting the same thing! With both of them on their worst behavior, neither expects their fake betrothal to lead to love...

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