Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Frustration Rant!

O,k  so I was writing up some of my upcoming reviews and looking for some books for either just me or for book club.  And I got frustrated again!!

I love my library!!  I feel that I have an amazing asset that many do not utilize like we do around this house.  I even chose my girls Girl Scout Troop based on partly because it is sponsored at the library every other week.  We participate in every reading event, do some of the extra programs they sponsor, meet authors, etc.  We love the library!!!

But their lack of newer books that many want to read is frustrating.  And the "policy" that I may buy a book and donate it to the library of a said bestseller and they will just turn around and re-sell it frustrates me!!!  Why would they not put it one the shelf for others to check out?

Case in point, I am currently reading "Dorothy Must Die" for a book club.  I was not really feeling it on the tablet so I wanted the actual book.  I looked it up but the only copy they had was an audiobook.  I do not enjoy audiobooks as much when I am not on a road trip for some reason.  Weird?  Of course I am, but alas, it is true.  So I asked if they had plans to buy it.  I was told no one could answer that.  Ugh, so I bought the hardcover edition I found at Costco one day.  I then discussed with a librarian that if I bought it, would the library put it on the shelf.  I was told they would probably just re-sell it.  WHAT?!?!  If it is popular enough for an audiobook option, surely one copy on the shelf would be a wise investment.  Especially when one does not have to pay for it?  But what do I know - obviously little about books.

And speaking of libraries and books, the story that was on a local tv station of a library in Fremont California and their dumping of 100,000 books into a dumpster FRUSTRATED me!!!  How can one who works in a library not just have them donated to a school or hospital for others to read.  Or re-sell them to raise funds for buying more books or improvements in the library.  Or whatever!  But just throwing them out?!  I just cannot imagine this!!

Ok, rant is done.  I promise.  But what is yout thoughts on this?  Should my library truly just re-sell it (at a $2 price mind you) or shelf it for others to enjoy?  What about the library in Cali?  Please share with me your thoughts.  I am truly curious.


  1. I've often wondered about this - If I just buy a book and give it to the library, would they add it to the collection? It seems like they should, but I guess maybe they're picky about their collection or something. Now I'm curious what my library's policy is. Oh, and the Cali thing is just plain horrible!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. My library has told my husband that in order to put the barcode in it they need for check out machines, they need to purchase it with it already in it or they have to recover it then.