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Scoring His Heart (beware - not for the weak's eyes)

I have to say, sometimes, perhaps I should read the descriptions of books a bit better.  I had really no idea where this book was going to go.  Now, keep in mind, this is not a YA book AT ALL!!!!!!


Zoe Logan has always believed that those she loves will always leave her. It’s why she fights so hard against anyone getting close, but when sexy defense Gavin Ferrara zeroes in on her, she finds herself falling hard and exploring the hidden parts of herself that he brings out in her.
Gavin’s always trusted that playing hockey is the most important thing to him. But when a strange encounter from months ago leads to more between him and the local bar owner’s daughter, he’s torn between what he wants and what’s best.
WARNING: This book contains a threesome hot enough to scorch the sheets, a dirty talking Russian, a bisexual Italian, the college virgin who brings both of them to their knees, and the best anatomy and physiology study session ever.

My Review:
As I said before, this was not the sweet, love story I had thought it was.  I misread and missed the "Warning" that I see in the synopsis they gave us.  And please do not misunderstand me, I did not let this influence my review.  But it was pretty much outside my comfort zone here.  I am all for an all consuming love affair with some raunchy language, but this bordered on the erotic line too much for me.  I liked the underlying love story between Gavin and Zoe.  The way that they tried to fight what they were feeling but let themselves admit their true feelings was very realistic.
Now the sub plot with Misha was a bit hard for me to take.  He seemed like a fish out of water in a way.  Not really knowing what he wanted out of anything including life.  And there is more there than a threesome - there is a story there between Gavin and Misha even if it is not being told.
As I said, I tried to keep an open mind and after reading a bunch of YA recently, it was hard not to be initially shocked by the immediate sex and mature subject matters.  So overall I would give this a 3 star rating.  If I didn't feel that this was rushed and that it was a bit outside my comfort zone, I might have given it a bit more.


Zoe sighed. It was time to get this over with, and talk about the giant elephant in the room. “Look, I’m sorry about what I said, in my dad’s office… I was just… surprised and I didn’t know how to deal.”

He smiled, no teeth showing, but somehow it still made his eyes sparkle. “I think we were all surprised that night. Misha and I… we’ve never… I mean… we have… but… shit.” He stopped and dragged his fingers through his hair, half yanking at it. “That was the first time, you know.”

“I screwed up the first kiss?” she finally managed out, trying to keep a light tone, when she felt anything but that.

He laughed. “Not the first kiss. Well, kinda… It was just the first one where… we weren’t with someone else.”

She blinked, and her heart flipped. “What do you mean?”

Gavin’s cheeks darkened into a deep rose. “Misha and I… our tastes run a little… exploratory.”

Exploratory? What did that mean? She watched Gavin as closely as he watched her, trying to glean…

Oh. Oh. Holy shit. He was talking about threesomes. She felt her eyes widen, felt the sharp intake of her breath. “You… uh… with a girl? Or… another guy?”

Gavin chuckled. “That’s your question? I tell you fucking tends to be a team sport in my house and you’re wondering if it needs to be a girl or a guy?”

She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t even form the words. Not because it stunned her, though it did do that. But because the idea of Misha and Gavin with a girl in between them sent scorching wet heat straight between her legs.

Gavin’s eyes took on a knowing gleam. “Does that turn you on?”

“What? No!” she protested. What kind of question was that? A valid one, she told herself. Wasn’t she just thinking about that? What if she was the meat in a Misha-Gavin sandwich?

Jesus. She needed to stop thinking.

His eyes searched hers. He leaned forward at the same time and a thoughtful expression crossed his features. “Huh. It does.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“Okay,” Gavin nodded. “I’ll concede. For now. The idea of me and Misha together doesn’t make you hot, just as imagining me and Misha both touching a beautiful pair of breasts like yours doesn’t get you hot.”

“It doesn’t,” she replied hotly. “Don’t make assumptions about me.” Fuck, she was a lousy liar, because every dirty word he said traveled straight to her core.

“Oh, I’m not making any assumptions,” he replied, smiling. “I think you find it hot. Plain and simple.”

“You’re wrong.” Oh, he so isn’t, you chickenshit. Zoe clenched her jaw shut and jutted her chin out in defiance. She’d carried this stupid torch for Gavin Ferrara for a long time, but she wasn’t about to let him gain the upper hand in this conversation.

A soft smile crossed his face as he leaned away from her. She was grateful for the reprieve, even as she resisted the urge to suck in the deepest breath of relief she could. “That’s not why I came here, anyway.”

“Why did you come here?”

“I…” He shifted in the seat, like he was sitting on pinecones. “I wanted to ask you out.”

“Ask me… What?”

“A date? I wanted to take you out on a date.”

“I thought you liked guys,” she blurted.

He laughed. “I thought we talked about that already. I do like guys. I also like girls. A lot more than I like guys.” He leaned forward again, resting his elbow on the counter. “And I really, really want to like you. A lot.”

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Suzan Butler writes adult contemporary romance and has a penchant for Dr. Pepper, ice hockey, and world domination. She lives in Texas under a not-so-secret identity with two monsters, writing naughty books and planning the next step in her evil plans into the twilight hours of the night because that's when it's quiet in the house. She loves to hear from readers.

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