Saturday, March 7, 2015

Post Reading Let Down

I have been really readng this year.  I am already a good third of the way through to my goal of books read for this year.  But I just read about 5 books rapidly to prepare for the blog tour.  And what is problem?

I keep picking up other books and going, "Hmm, no.  It is really not that good."  How silly am I being?

So, I tried to pick myself up a new hobby so I can refresh my brain.  Taught myself how to crochet.  Yeah, that wasn't so hard.  And now I set here wondering what I could be reading that might give me a sliver of fun.

Am I crazy?  Well, I think my previous posts have decided that for me.  But I seriously sometimes think I have a problem.  So now, I await my next grouping of books to read and silently thank the authors who pour their hearts out onto the pages that I am lucky enough to read.


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