Friday, February 13, 2015

To Re-read or not to re-read? Or do I need Help?

So, I read the last book I reviewed on here and was deeply reminded of another book.  And in fact that series is a fave of mine at the present.  I think because that particular character is forever ingrained in my brain as an ultimate hottie.  I mean the way he melts the pages and just the way he speaks is enough to make me smile.

I opened up my email today to find that the author of that series I loved so much wrote a blurb on WattPad involving these characters and the continuation of their story.  And after I devoured it, I was left reliving bits and pieces of the story that I adored.  And the thought crept into my mind -

Should I forgo my very large "to read list" and re-read this series or should I continue on my current reading list?

And whereas some may not feel this is a quandry of any sort, to me it is a very real one.  I mean , I read abunch as we all know.  And I am known to re-read books over and over again - "Into The Wilderness", "Outlander" just to name off a couple.  But this is a series - 4 books worth.

So should I pick up Obsidian again or shall I just keep trying to minimize my to read list?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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