Monday, February 9, 2015

Review: STAGESTRUCK - Part 1

STAGESTRUCK - Part 1 by Alice Ward

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I should have known better than to take advice from FB ads for the next book to read! I mean honestly, the cover is hot looking. And totally drew me in. But this book was frustrating at best.
The chemistry between Kate and Max was just so so. She was kind of all over the place with her emotions. At first she wanted nothing more than a hook up and then she was head over heals for Max. Huh? That makes no sense really it didn't.
The drug use and alcohol didn't bother me but it was a bit pushed. I mean she went a little girls gone wild in the first part of the book. Then when she actually seems to get her life in order with friends and Max, the cliche silliness of the auditions and Dylan come into play?! Ugh - that was just over the top. Who could not see this coming from a mile away?
And the sex and romance in this story? Not hot or steamy in comparison to other stories. I cannot believe that it was not hotter than it was.
Overall I would give it a 2 star rating. Not the worst book I ever read but definitely not one I would recommend.

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