Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: The Collection

The Collection
The Collection by Shannon Stoker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have no idea when I actually read this because in an effort to re-acquant myself with the book and it's development, I see that I never marked this read even though I know I have. But since I re-read it last night, I am marking today. :)

Now, this book picks right up where "The Registry" left off. We are introduced to a new person Riley who opens up Mia's world. In an effort to avoid spoilers, we re-connect in this story with Carter, Andrew, and Grant (a villian to beat all villians).

I liked how Mia grew and had her horizons broadened. And how the characters stayed true to the nature we saw in book 1. Too many times I see characters change from book to book and not because they grew, but because they were just portrayed more evil or nice. I am glad that that did not happen here.

My hatred for Grant has stayed ever strong. Ha! It was there in book 1 and it is still there in book 2. And rest assured, I am sure that I will still have it in book 3. I hate the idea of a woman only being around to serve her husband. UGH!

So overall, I gave this book a 5 star of out 5 star. I have a true love of this author and am so excited to be able to see her this weekend at our Lit Fest in our little town.

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