Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ever Have That Feeling?

So, let's talk about that feeling you get when you feel like you are forgetting something, shall we?  I have had it all day today.  That nagging feeling that I am totally neglecting something.  I checked my list to do - nope all of that is on track.  Thought something was behind at work.  And then I checked that list (It seems huge lately!) and no that was fine.  Hmm, laundry is caught up.  House is clean.  Kids are up to date with doctor.  What was I forgetting?!

And then it hit me!

I haven't read in almost a full day.  Commencing the shock and awe routine now people.

Yep, I realized that I had read my book into the early hours of the morning the day before and therefore was a bit behind in my sleep.  But nothing could be more confusing to me than I had not sat down to really read in almost a full day.

I enjoy sitting down, cuddled under a blanket, reading a book and getting lost in that time and space for just a little bit.  I mean totally immersing myself into the story and enjoying every moment of the storyline.  Its ups and downs and twists and turns.  I like finding myself wishing I really knew the heroine or hero of the story or being thankful I knew no one like the villian in the story.  I love to "watch" the love story unfold in front of me and feel like I have a vested interest in it.

Don't get me wrong, reading while lounging at the lake is a great option but this time of year, I will happily take my blanket and pillows.  And reading about somewhere warm and exotic is extra appealling right now.  And in the sumer, I am crazy enough to enjoy books about winter.  Go figure world - I am nuts!

So, excuse now while I try to go get my head screwed on straight and read for a while before the many activities my children have going gets in the way of me and my obsession.

And tell me, how long does it take you before you find yourself longing for that great book high?  A day? A week? Before the current book even ends?

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  1. Glad that reading has become such a big part of your life that you feel like you're missing something without it!! For the past year, I was pretty consistently reading a book every day or two and lately I've slowed way down. I miss it!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction