Friday, February 6, 2015

Elgin Literary Fest is Upon Us!

I am super excited.

Yep, surprising I am sure.  But this weekend marks the first Elgin Literary Fest.  I have had a hard time looking at the lineup and deciding which events to attend.  I mean, with so many things going on, it is hard to decide.  There are some true quandaries for my already exhausted brain.

So, I printed up the list of events and tried highlighting just those that would be exciting to be to see.  I then saw my page was completely yellow.  Well that will not work will it.

So, then I had to figure out who I really wanted to see.
 Well, I want to see Karly Kirkpatrick.  She has been a favorite of mine for a while.  I love to see when there is a new book or the hope of a new book on her horizon.  And to be able to actually meet her would be fun.

And then there is Shannon Stoker.  I have met her before and then I started stalking her, I mean following her on FB.  She is awesome and I loved her Registry series.  I would love to hear if she has more on her agenda.

And then there is the keynote speaker, Simone Elkeles.  I loved her quick read books about Amy.  I am not sure what I expect but am hoping to be able to get my books signed at the very least and give them to my son's English teacher for her in-classroom library.

This is where I then get confused as to how to plan my days.  Would I like to obtain some maybe some inside advice of how to connect with them and review how they would like?  yeah I think I would.  I mean I want to be a help to readers out there but also I want to be able to support great local writers.

And then there are my kids that I need to be able to spend time with this weekend.  And lucky for them Gail Borden is having some kids events to coincide with the Elgin Literary fest on Sunday.  Yep, we will be reading and having fun all weekend long.

Hope that you come visit our little corner of the world too.  All the author events are free to the public and no sign up needed.  If you are there and you see me, be sure to say hi.  I may be on Cloud Nine in Reader's Heaven. 

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