Monday, February 2, 2015

And the winner is. . .

So, I started the day by digging myself out of the Blizzard we in the Chicago area had.  All before 7 am, I did it and got myself down the mile it takes me to get to my real job.  (My job that allows me to pay my bills hence why I call it my real job.) I was already exhausted then.

Consider my frustration as the day continued as busy as it started so I was unable to monitor for the announcement of the Morris Award winner from the ALA.  And I had now read and reviewed all these fine 5 books!!  I felt invested in who the winner could be!!

I have no idea why I felt so compelled to continue on this quest to find out who won.  I really don't.  I mean, in my opinion, all authors are winners.  Cliche much, right?  But seriously, they completed a book and published it.  People read it.  Isn't that a success?  Now yes, it is better when thousands of people read the book and you actually make a bunch of coin on your book rather than having a couple read it and you made enough to buy a cone from McDonalds.

Now, rest assured, I have no desire to be an author.  Writing in my blog, which is more like a diary for me now, is enough for me.  I seriously am not clever enough to write things more than what I am doing.  This is something I made my peace with a while ago.

But I just looked up the winner and I could not be happier for the winner.  You definitely had a book unlike the ones I had read.  I consider myself very lucky to have read your book and congratulate you whole-heartedly.

And to the rest of you, your books were the highlight to my start of 2015.  I really am thrilled for each of you and wish you all the very best of success.  And if you by chance come through this way again, I will definitely look forward to meeting you.  Amazing job each of you!

And the winner is . . .  Gabi, A Girl In Pieces!

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