Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To Book Club or not?!

So, I decided that in addition to my reading for me and my enjoyment, I would start a book club.  I mean, it can't be work, right?  And in a way, I am correct.  I have 3 other members.  Yep, we consider our book club to be mighty and a whole lot of fun!

But why do I stress out over what to read each time?  I mean, I know what I like to read.  These are my friends.  I should not be trying to hide who I am (via reading) from anyone.  And come on, it is on Goodreads too.

Stress I do though!  What if it is too short?  What if it is too long?  What if it stinks?  Oh the stress of it all.

Then I had a revelation.  I sometimes pick bad books.  I mean, really bad books.  And some drone on and on and on.  And some are done way too quickly.  And it is ok.

So I will continue to pick my cruddy books when it is my month to pick.  And I will allow myself to not go with the flow and pick books that everyone else is reading just because I may choose wrongly.  And I will have bad snacks and good drinks and enjoy every minute of these meetings as they are a true joy each month!

And if you want to know what we are reading, let me know.  I can add you to our list and you can participate via the blog if you want to.  I think that could be a fun and exciting adventure too!

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