Saturday, January 31, 2015

Review: Remembrance

Remembrance by Michelle Madow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, so I have had this book and loved the cover. I mean it is just awesome. And the premise for the story is great. So, one of the facebook pages was hosting a "party" on this author's birthdays and it re-peaked my interest in this book.


It starts off very "normal" for a YA romantic book. But then that re-incarnation twist rears it's head. (No that is not a spoiler, it is on the description of the book.) And the next thing I know it is past my bedtime and I am happily at the end of my book. I seriously do not remember my family going to bed I was that engrossed. And then my dreams that night were nothing but time travel fun!

I liked the connection between Drew and Lizzie. It was intense but yet believable (not cheesy in my opinion). And the supporting characters were well developed and fun or evil depending on what they needed to be. I was thrilled by the parental involvement - yep, my theme right? But seriously, the mom was present and involved. Awesome!

Was there something I didn't like? Let me think. . . umm. . . maybe the . . . I can't think of anything. Seriously, I am sure there are faults but even after I slept on it just the one night, nothing is coming to mind. It had cliche or predictable aspects for sure, but they were not cheesy and in my opinion, necessary for the story to happen like it needed to.

Ok, gushing over. I give this one a 5 (shocker right?) out of 5 stars. I cannot wait to start the second book this afternoon. YEAH!!!

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