Wednesday, January 14, 2015


     I get frustrated at myself sometimes.  Yep it is offical!  I have done it again.  And why?  Because I want to be able to post reviews I promised I would wait on.  And I feel like I am not reading for me anymore, but for the review process.  UGH!!!!

     I mean I like to read.  We all know that.  And I love having multiple options.  A wise Aunt has helped with this problem for years now by sharing bags of books with me.  A very pleasant diversion from the books given to me to read.  And do I review those?  No, because sometimes I just want to read for me too.  And do I need to read books that are on the best seller list just because I feel a responsibility to?  I am thinking no.  And I have to say I am thoroughly influenced by the other reviewers so when they say something stinks, I tend to move it way down that "TBR" file.  And yes, I am thoroughly influenced again by some of my fave authors.  So when their new book comes out, I tend to stop in my tracks and read that one.  Yep, local writer friends have a particular hold on me - Megg Jensen and Karly Kirkpatrick!!!
       Then I realize, perhaps I deserve a break.  I mean, this is not a paid gig here.  I mean, do I receive books for free?  Umm yes I do.  But is this my job?  Umm no it is not.  Will the world stop turning if I slow down and not post a review every day?  Yep I suppose it will not.
     Wow, that is an ego bruiser huh?  Yep, the world will still go on.  So, I will finish the laundry and cleaning the bathroom.  Then I will snuggle up with a good old trashy novel until motherhood demands that I take kids to swim lessons, speech, and Girl Scouts.  Oh wait!  Girl Scouts is at the library (like how I worked that one!) and I have a book on hold I have been wanting to read.  WOOT WOOT!!!!  Score one for the mommy!!!!!

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