Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day #3 - you getting tired of me yet?

The Story of Owen Dragon Slayer of Trondheim by E. K. Johnston

 The Story of Owen

     This is one of the harder reviews for me to write.  And the reason is that I am a bit unsure if I truly enjoyed this book.  Usually I have to decide between if I loved the book or liked it or just didn't enjoy it at all as the overall theme.  Harder than normal is this task for this book.  I have to admit that I had a pretty hard time continuing in this book.  And I really am not sure why.

     Conversely, I was at least intrigued by a few things.  One was the lack of magic in this book.  I am of the mindset that dragons equal magically, fantasy world fun.  But in this book it just happened that dragons are in a modern world.  Huh, that is different? And honestly, I was a bit confused by logistics of it but decided to just roll with it.

     I am also the type of person who enjoys a love story.  I mean look at my reading list and you can see that.  But this holds nothing of that.  I mean, it is very specifically not a love story or even a hint of one.  That is a bummer in my mind.

     One of the things that frustrated me or confused me at least, was the wonderment of the back story.  No, let me clarify.  There was no back story given, it just felt like there should have been one.  And then perhaps I would not have felt so confused.  A good back-story can make a book go from an OK read to an epic story in a heartbeat.

     So overall, I have very mixed emotions about this book.  On one hand, I applaud the original idea of the story and characters.  But on the other, I was frustrated and confused and dare I say a bit disappointed.  I will give this story 3 out of 5.  I feel someone out there will really like this and be less confused by it.

Author Info:
 E.K. Johnston is a forensic archaeologist by training, a bookseller and author by trade, and a grammarian by nature.
She spends a great deal of time on the internet, because it is less expensive than going to Scotland.

She can probably tell you, to the instant, when she fell in love with any particular song, but don't ask her, because then it will be stuck in both of your heads.

From The Author:

     The first part of The Story of Owen that I knew was a picture: Lottie on the Burlington Skyway, defending Hamilton, and then falling to the highway below. Originally, I was going to set it in Generic small town Canada, but almost immediately once I started writing, I decided to set it in my small town Canada, so that any kid from the area would be able to recognize the landmarks (and, in some cases, the people). From there, it came in pieces: the history and the Oil Watch with Lester B. Pearson, the music with Siobhan, the swords from a chance conversation with a friend, and Hannah because I very rarely manage to keep blacksmiths out of the stories that I write. At the heart of it, though, was always Canada, and the parts of my country that I love the most.

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