Friday, January 30, 2015

A true Let Down!

I am kind of sad right now.  I have almost completed the reviews for the Book Blog Blitz and I find myself sad and upset.  Is there such a thing as a Book Blog Blitz LetDown?

I mean seriously, I am wondering what I am suppose to do now with my reading time.  And I know that I am suppose to be able to just read for me now, but where is the purpose in that?  I mean, there is no true deadline looming in the future.  Is this a normal feeling?

But I know that I am not in the normal and I have a lot of other deadlines that will be looming.  Other books I was asked to read in a certain timeframe, events coming up that I can attend, etc.  But it all seems like a letdown in a way.

Not that I want to be the blooger who only does Blitz's, I just wonder if I was this excited about my blogging before.  Oh wait, no is the answer because that is why I am morphing my blog, right?

(Yep, I totally added a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Morpher!)  So I will be brave and keep reading (dare I say it aloud again?) FOR ME.  And I will hopefully not irritate others with my general dislike for books the norm likes too much.  I will continue to grow as a blogger and reviewer (Hopefully!)

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