Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Bloggers Dilemna and Apology

I do not want my blog to become a ranting blog but I also want you to know I am having to hold back about 7 reviews right now.  And I am frustrated as I look at my blog and see so few reviews.  And I have been reading my butt off.  But alas, I have decided to participate in some blog tours and those are to be released the last week in January.  So wait I will.

 In the meantime, I will continue to read and try to post.  Then prepare to be slammed with daily reviews from these really awesome writers.  All of those are YA writers who are up for the Morris Award from the American Library Association.  I was hoping to go to the ALA's convention in Chicago this year, but umm, that was a bit too expensive for this little blogger to go to.  So, I will await the reviews from my friends who are going and I will be envious of their swag bags they receive with tons of awesome books to review. 
So THANK YOU for your patience.  I appreciate it and love that you will read what I write about the books I am coming to love more each day.  I promise to make this a fun blog to read hopefully.  I even may try to make one of kids do a guest blog.  HA that would be fun (and possibly painful). 

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