Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Retribution

Retribution by Megg Jensen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok so when I was allowed an advanced copy of Retribution, I did the fan girl squeal! Yep I am a Megg Jensen fan through and through. I was extremely excited to start this. And now, I cannot wait for book 4!!!!
The twists and turns in her previous 2 books were nothing in comparison to these corkscrews and 180s. I could not stop reading once I really started going.
I am afraid to really say anything for fear of giving anything away. I feel like I really know the characters more and really was thrilled by the complexity of their relationships and dealings this time around. I mean, we all have read books that once you get to book 3 the interworkings of the characters starts to drone on and become tedious. Not in this book I tell you! Not at all.
And just when I think things are the way they should be, a change up comes around the corner and wham! I am knocked around and questioning everything I had thought I knew til then.
Exactly the kind of book that stays with you and has you still shocked and excited about the next one! (Yep, a day ago I was complaining because the holidays are almost upon us, and now I am counting down the days til 2015 cause it brings me closer to book 4.

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