Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review: Every Day

Every Day
Every Day by David Levithan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is many a parent's dream - your 14 year old comes over and throws (literally of course because he is 14) a book your way. It is accompanied by the sentence 'You have just got to read this Mom.' Yep be still my beating heart.
And I wanted to finish it about the same time as he did but I have honed in my reading whereas he has other reading obligations. Somehow though on this one, he beat me. His 'careful Mom it is sad' was a warning from him but a prodding for me to finish.
This is an interesting topic in which to write about. You wake up everyday as someone else. You have all of your own memories but you have this person's body and life to lead as well as the memories you can access.
Here are a few issues I had with the story:
-The main character A did not follow through on one of the tragic people that A inhabited. (I am not sure if A is male or female -which I fully believe is intentional- but I refuse to refer to A as it.) I truly felt that A should have followed up to check on that person's wellbeing after leaving that body for the next. I mean A checks email and such - a simple check into how they were doing in my mind was acceptable.
- The ending left me sad and unsatisfied. I wanted a definitive resolution but one was not at hand. I felt something should be wrapped up or at least alluded to.
-I felt sorry for Nathan in this as he truly felt victimized. I also felt he was the only who spoke out - who else would have felt what he had felt afterward and during.
-The love story. I applauded A's personal decision that no sex should happen because that was a private thing that should be remembered. I wanted a love story that was felt on both sides of the romance. I didn't believe it for a second on this one. Her side felt pulled and contrived whereas A's felt true and real.
All this considered, I did enjoy this book like the 14 year old told me I would. I enjoyed the writing style and the topic. I enjoyed the characters on the whole and their struggles. I will defintely be recommending this to others.

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