Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Restart Fun for Blogging about Reading

Yes it is I  - the Wacky Mama of 5. I am starting another blog as a means to help my sanity?

 That's what I keep telling myself but we shall see.

I love to read. Let me reiterate that I love to read! And I read a lot you can ask my kids. We read together. I make them read by themselves. I read on my e-reader. I read paperback. I read hardbound. It doesn't matter what form a book is in, I just love to read.

So when I was approached to review books, it was a no brainer in my mind. But until recently, I kept it simple and to the point. Goodreads was my format. It was easy and I could keep count of what I read. I would venture into a review on Barnes and Noble or Amazon if so asked but that seemed daunting a lot.

But I decided to start looking for blogs to follow to see what I could be reading. But honestly, my list is quite financially overwhelming at this point. And like most, I tend to buy what I really want and look for ways around buying it. And no I am not talking about illegal ways around. But utilizing our libraries and reading those offered free. Especially those that are part of a series. I love me a freebie first one that hooks me in good, and makes me wishing that the next one is there for the buying right then.

Well, and this is how we shall start it off. Reviews to come - I have read a lot lately and really haven't truly reviewed them yet.  Hope you will read and comment to!

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