Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Blood (Bloody Little Secrets #2) by Karly Kirkpatrick

 New Blood (Bloody Little Secrets, #2)

So I like to support the area writers I know.  So when I was "introduced" to this author's writing, I became very impressed.  I started reading all she had written.  Ok, if you want to call it a bit obsessed you can, but I dive in fully when I like someone's writing.  So I, along with countless others I am sure, awaited with baited breath for her latest in this particular series. 

Book DescriptionThere is a killer in Bartlett, Illinois and it isn't Vicky Hernandez. New vampire Vicky and her friends are determined to figure out who is filling their senior year with dead bodies. Vicky suspects the killer is from close to home, but her discovery ends up sending them far from Bartlett.

My review:  Another awesome book by Karly Kirkpatrick. I have to admit, I have wanted this second book since finishing the first one a while ago. I enjoyed Vicky Hernandez and her vampire life from the start. I felt she grew as her life became complicated and not in an unbelievable way as in so many stories nowadays. I really enjoyed this story and how the story unfolds and travels. I also really liked the way the love story is portrayed - not crazy and all consuming making the characters seem unrealistic. This love story is not far fetched and unlike other stories in this genre, Vicky still has time for her friends and you get to enjoy those relationships. I applaud the author for not rushing to get this out to the readers (as many authors seem to be doing) and thus she has given us true treasure to continue the story.

So I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads as I really enjoyed it.  Check it out - Enjoy your reading!

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