Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hidden by Megg Jensen - Worth the purchase!

So, I somehow became connected with an awesome writer via a friend of my husband.  I admittedly have only read a couple of her books although I have bought many of them.  Don't worry friends - I will be rectifying that very shortly.  So when she announced this new book involving Dragons, I knew I could not stop myself from reading it.  I received her book and I promised to review it.  And I did in my normal spots of course.  So I figured it would appropriate to use it as my first blog entry for reviews.  So here goes nothing!

The Book's Description:  "The mystery enshrouding Hutton’s Bridge is as impenetrable as the fog that descended at its borders eighty years ago. Each year, three villagers enter the mist searching for answers. No one ever returns.Then a dragon falls from the sky to the town square, dead—the first glimpse of an outside world that has become nothing more than a fairy tale to Hutton’s Bridge. Except to Tressa.
Tressa grew up with Granna’s stories of the days before the fog fell. When Granna dies, leaving Tressa without any family, Tressa ventures into the fog herself, vowing to unravel the foul magic holding Hutton’s Bridge captive. What she discovers beyond the fog endangers the lives of everyone she loves.

My review:  (Probably of note: I refuse to give a synopsis of the book.  I feel many times I am just re-iterating that which they put on the book's description.  Therefore, my review is my opinions on the books.  That is all, plain and simple.) 

I have to say I am not normally one for a dragon story. I was constantly surprised and thrilled while reading this story. Just when I thought I had things figured out, a different twist would occur. And not a twist that had me cursing the story - one that had me excited to see what else could happen. I have to say I was disappointed in my need to stop reading just to be able to attend a meeting. I really enjoy Tressa's character and that of Bastian. I look forward to the next one to see where the story unfolds to.

So there you go.  Review one done and in the books.  Yeah.  Many more will be coming as I will catch up on my 50 books thus far this year.  Woot woot!

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